The Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease Serotype Sat-2 Infection in Al-Muthanna Province of Iraq

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Muna Tawfeeq Abd
Ghasaq Sami Mshary
Ali Nasser Kadhim
Husien Abbas Khamees


Introduction: prevalent in the majority of developing nations.

Case report: The present study reported a foot and mouth disease Sat-2 outbreak in Al-Muthanna province in southern Iraq in March 2023. Three male Holstein Friesian cows, aged between 1 and 1.5 years and weighing approximately 550 ± 15 kg each, were affected. Clinical examination revealed symptoms, including fever, severe lameness, anorexia, depression, frothy salivation, and vesicular lesions on the mouth and feet. Confirmation of the Sat-2 serotype was achieved through serological testing and genotyping of the virus, conducted by the FMD Institute, Ankara, Türkiye. The Sat-2 serotype was recognized by genotyping the virus and submitting SAT-2 VP1 sequences. The treatments for secondary infection prevention included Ceftifur (2.2 mg/kg) for 5 days, and flunixin meglumine (2.2 mg/kg) for 2 days. The other animals that were not exposed to infected animals were vaccinated against FMD. Rigorous biosecurity measures were implemented, involving thorough disinfection of the environment and quarantine of the infected animals. Direct contact between the farmer and other animals, particularly the sick ones, was completely avoided. After 2 weeks, all infected animals began to eat normally again, and clinical signs disappeared. Notably, other animals on the farm did not exhibit any signs of FMD.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the findings of this study underscore the importance of biosecurity measures and vaccination in FMD prevention. Additionally, administering antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the prevention of secondary infections proves to be crucial.

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Abd, M. T., Mshary, G. S., Kadhim, A. N., & Khamees, H. A. (2024). The Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease Serotype Sat-2 Infection in Al-Muthanna Province of Iraq . Journal of Veterinary Physiology and Pathology, 3(1), 7–10.
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